Bravecto 10-20 kg
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Bravecto 10-20 kg


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Anti-parasitic chewable tablets Bravecto for dogs – a special preparation for the protection of pets from lice and fleas, which is developed in the form of tablets that have an appetizing taste and smell. Bravecto by MSD Animal Health – Bravecto Chewable Tablets For Dogs has a wide spectrum of action, ensuring the protective function of the entire body for a long period of time (about 12 weeks). The preparation can only be prescribed by a veterinarian after the examination, independent decision-making can cause various complications in the animal, as “Bravecto” has side effects.

Antiparasitic chewing tablets Bravecto for dogs.
Full protection for the whole year from nearly everything for four receptions, means less number of procedures.
Excellent protection against parasitic insects on the leather season.
With Bravecto you can be calm for your dog, it is protected for 12 weeks from fleas and ticks with a single dose.
The pill is tasty, easy to chew.
The child does not need to be bathed, so that you can fight parasites without unpleasant procedures and do not fear that he will lick the preparation or contaminate furniture or carpet with it.

Method of application of this dose

Bravekto is used for dogs individually orally during or shortly after feeding in a therapeutic dose of 25-56 mg of fluralanera per 1 kg of animal mass.

It is necessary to make sure that the dog swallowed the necessary dose of the drug completely.

Doses of the drug depending on the weight of the animal and the type of tablet used


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