Flamingo Hapki Cat Award Sushi Salmon Strips 85 gr
The flamingo hapki cat reward consists of strip-shaped pieces with fish. It is a snack that cats will love with its 100% delicious content. While rewarding your cat, it contributes to a healthy diet.

  • Flamingo cat prize content is prepared with 100% delicious salmon.
  • Consists of small bite-sized pieces in the form of strips.
  • Flamingo Hapki cat reward is sugar and gluten free.
  • It is in a locked package. After use, the package can be easily closed and stored and maintains its freshness.

Content of the Flamingo Hapki Cat Award;
Salmon 70.80%, coal fish 15.00%, glycerine 3.00%, sorbitol 2.00%, starch 3.00%, salt 0.20%.

Flamingo Cat Prize Analysis;
Crude protein 21.00%, moisture 23.00%, crude ash 6.00%, crude oil 5.00%, crude fiber 1.00%, energy 311 kcal.

Daily Cat Award Amount;

  • Maximum 6 pieces per day for kittens,
  • For adult cats, it is recommended to give a maximum of 12 cat treats per day.


  • Always keep fresh and clean drinking water with the flamingo cat prize.
  • Store in cool, dry place.


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